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    Chengdu bo grace kyle medical instrument Co., LTD

    Chengdu bo grace kyle medical equipment Co., LTD was founded in June 2010, the company is a body with technology development and sale of minimally invasive KnifeLight. With development of science and technology, the concept —"minimally invasive" has already gone deep into various fields of surgery, such as Brain surgery, urology and orthopedics. As there has variety of surgical procedures, a variety of surgical instruments exit. Based on the past year’s study of minimally invasive surgical instruments, through about one year of careful research, our company has developed a series of high-tech product—minimally invasive KnifeLight for various types of minimally invasive surgery. The application of minimally invasive KnifeLight has changed the traditional surgery way. Compared with the traditional minimally invasive surgery, minimally invasive surgery with KnifeLight comes with a light source it self, the lighting of KnifeLight can not only lighting the surgical field but also locate the deep surgical site, which can greatly reduce the blindness of the surgery, and sometimes can be diagnosed and treatment at the same time. Conveniences to the doctors to operate surgery, while brings minor surgical trauma to patients with.
    The emergence of minimally invasive KnifeLight marks the birth of a new medical milestone. It pays more attention to the improvement and rehabilitation of patient's psychological, physiological (pain), spiritual style, and quality of their life, give greatest consideration to patients, alleviate the suffering of patients. No scars, no pain and only 3-5 days to achieve the whole process of inspection, treatment and rehabilitation, reduced the damage to human body in traditional operation, greatly reduced the inconvenience and pain that patients suffered in disease.
    The tenet of the company: be a front-runner of KnifeLight technology, be a practitioner of operation safety, be a maker of perfect skin
    We will spare no efforts in minimally invasive KnifeLight technology to create more and better high-tech products, to benefits the society.